Alvifence safety fence

Our ALVIFENCE pool safety fence is the best choice for protecting your loved ones in your garden and pool environment.

Trust the best national pool fence provider.

caja de puerta valla alvifence

Our safety fences combine high quality and tremendous functionality, offering multi-functional assemblies and allowing you to adapt the protection to the surroundings and characteristics of your property.

These are the features of our ALVIFENCE Fence at a glance:

  • Polyester mesh coated with PVC, resistant up to 150kg/m2
  • Internally reinforced aluminium posts
  • Anti-impact and anti-shock rubber cap
  • Heat treatment of more than 6000 h
  • Saline treatment of more than 4000 h
  • Posts with baked paint for more than 4000 h
  • Insulated sleeves
  • Triple stitching on the top and bottom edges of the mesh
  • 5-year warranty
  • Fence certified in Spain by applus

Description of parts or components:

  • SECTIONS: from 1 m to 5 m. Each section includes the necessary sleeves and caps and a safety latch.
  • 1m: 2 aluminium posts with 1 m PVC tarpaulin 2 sleeves + 2 caps + 1 safety latch
  • 2m: 3 aluminium posts with 2 m PVC tarpaulin 3 sleeves + 3 caps + 1 safety latch
  • 3m: 4 aluminium posts with 3 m PVC tarpaulin 4 sleeves + 4 caps + 1 safety latch
  • 4m: 5 aluminium posts with 4 m PVC tarpaulin 5 sleeves + +5 caps + 1 safety latch
  • 5m: 6 aluminium posts with 5 m PVC tarpaulin 6 sleeves + +6 caps + 1 safety latch
  • GATE: 1m rigid aluminium frame + polyester mesh covered with PVC. Double aluminium side post. Safety lock. 4 sleeves+4 caps+1 safety latch.
  • LATCH: 2 nuts + 6cm stainless steel safety hook
  • SLEEVE: Adjustable plastic sleeve
  • CAP: Plastic cap for the sleeve for when we remove the fence
  • COLOURS: black mesh with black posts, green mesh with green posts, tan mesh with tan posts, white mesh with white posts, tan mesh with tan posts, black mesh with grey aluminium posts