Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about the ALVIFENCE pool safety fences.

Can it be installed on grass or wood?

YES, see our Installation section.

How do you adjust the fence to non-whole sections?

Unscrew the metal plate from the last post, adjust the tarpaulin to the necessary size and cut the tarpaulin. Screw the metal plate with the tarpaulin back to the post.

Can the fence be cut?


Can the posts be moved?

No. Except the last post of the section to adjust to the exact measurement.

And the sections?

By means of the safety latch.

How should the holes in the floor be made?

Slightly inclined to keep the fence tight

How do I attach the fence to the wall?

By means of the safety latch

How long does it take to dismantle and assemble the fence?

Depends on the fencing type, no more than 10 minutes.

How much of a gap should I leave at the beginning of the fence between the wall and the first section?

6 cm

How much of a gap should I leave between posts in the same section?


How much of a gap should I leave between the last pole in a section and the first pole in another section?

6 cm

How do I make angles in the fencing area when the fencing is an L shape or a rectangle?

When carrying out a fence direction change, creating an angle, you will have to finish the section in the corner and start another new section in the new direction. In other words, in all angled corners there must be two posts connected with safety latches.