Installation of Alvifence safety fence in Sieteiglesias

Installation and assembly of fencing for a private pool in a detached house in the area of Sieteiglesias - Madrid

Installation of Alvifence safety fence in Sieteiglesias

Installation details:

  • Area: Sieteiglesias
  • Fencing metres: 33 + gate
  • Pool Type: Rectangular with steps coming out of the rectangular area
  • Gates: Yes. The customer decided on an entrance via an access gate as it is more convenient for them
  • Anchorage: Anchorage to the floor of 30 mm because the customer requested it, due to it being a large assembly.
  • Colour: Black post black
  • Ground: Pool enclosed area. It is placed on the outer edge.
  • Installed by: Alvipool servicios integrales, S.L.
  • Warranty: 5 years for material and 3 years for assembly

Work Description:

Large pool. The customer requested an automatic gate because they want to limit access to a single area for greater safety and to avoid confusion. The colour black is chosen, since it is a more neutral colour and it goes with everything.

Mounted on the enclosed area of pool since it allows a space to be left inside the fence of more than one metre.

We have left the shower inside the fence at the customer's request, and an entrance is placed nearby.